Prometheus Rising: The Barbed Penis

ow my liverEvery major scientific discovery has the potential to benefit mankind, but more often than not fate punishes us for our discovery. Like Prometheus who stole fire from the gods, society ends up bound to a metaphorical rock where a giant metaphorical eagle pecks at our collective liver for all eternity.

We have yet to see if the discovery of DNA and the science of genetic modification will play out as another Promethean tragedy, but this year a team of researchers at Stanford have made at least one breakthrough that is sure to only benefit mankind: they have discovered how to give us our barbed penises back.

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Jason and the Argonaut’s Detachable Penis

The argonaut, or paper nautilus, is a small octopus found in the open-ocean known for their attractive shells.  In fact it’s only the females of the species that produce the shells, whereas the males of the species are dwarfed and shell-less, but I would say equally magnificent. Why, you ask? On account of their detachable penis, of course.

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