About the Penile Research Institute of Canada (PRIC)

The Penile Research of Canada (PRIC)

The Penile Research of Canada (PRIC) is an international leader in the application of biological and sociological research to understanding the diversity of penises. It is one of the world’s largest independent nonprofit penis research organizations, founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1998. PRIC headquarters have since moved to an undisclosed location due to security reasons; PRIC labs remain in lovely Winnipeg.


The mission of PRIC is to serve humanity by

  • Creating basic knowledge in the biology and sociology of animal penises.
  • Applying breakthroughs in research to the advancement of the penis.
  • Educating and training young scientists for penile research and its application.

Faculty and Staff

Under the leadership of its director, Tad Everhard, M.D., the PRIC staff of dozens includes:

  • 10 scientists
  • 4 holding PhD.’s or M.D.’s
  • Full janitorial staff
  • A multi-level administrative branch consisting of 30-50 secretaries and technical assistants


PRIC’s operating budget includes federal funding, financial incentives from the Province of Manitoba, licensing fees and investment income, and grants from penis-related support organizations.  We also receive generous contributions from a lone anonymous benefactor known to us only as Mr. D.


One Comment on “About the Penile Research Institute of Canada (PRIC)”

  1. faraz says:

    do u want penis for research u can easily research on my penis bt u have to pay

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